Oh man, Canada's Bachelor has been announced!

Boring, right? So boring. In both looks, and what he says.

"As for his ideal lady, Smith says he is attracted to independent, intelligent women who are “just as confident in a ponytail, sweatpants and sweatshirt as they are all dressed up for a night out on the town.”"

Every bro ever has said this. This is not news. Everyone wants someone who is confident and attractive all the time. Good for you, Brad Smith. You win most generic human male. I’m sure the ladies of Canada will love you. 

03:02 pm: pamplemoussi14 notes

  1. spaceinvaderkelly said: I’m probably still going to watch it lol!
  2. walklikeaghost said: “Brad is the full package – a quintessentially Canadian, down-to-earth man”? NO. GTFO BRAD. How long does this air? I want to be able to watch some of it when I come up this summer~
  3. gotochelm said: and he graduated from Queen’s — surprise, surprise!
  4. filleasiatique said: Kelly and I thought of auditioning…but as a joke…and make a funny video we got lazy…glad we didn’t…guy ain’t cute!
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