Broccoli, Butternut Squash and Cheesy Rice Casserole

Broccoli, Butternut Squash and Cheesy Rice Casserole

Broccoli, cheese and rice casserole

I’m always in danger of turning this blog into a Smitten Kitchen appreciation blog. I swear, all my favourite recipes have come from her. And I’ve posted her brownie recipe here already – both as peanut butter brownies and as two bite brownies!

Broccoli, cheese and rice casserole

Oh wait, unrelated story coming up: I left my veggie scrap bowl on the counter while we ate dinner and Will went into the kitchen (likely to get more…

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So I checked tumblr for the first time in forEVER and realized that gotochelm had tagged me in a selfie meme! So here are six selfies of me in 2014 including a) forcing Will to join me in a photobooth selfie, b) hairpin whiskers, c) delicious wine chugging, d) sad in front of my kitchen for some reason, e) blowing kisses and f) loving tumblr even though I am never here. 

On that note! If you have noticed my absence and would like to keep in touch, please find me on wordpress, instagram, twitter, pinterest and on frequently commenting on The Toast! Oh, or email me at lepamplemoussiATgmailDOTcom! 

When I started this tumblr I was a sad girl in Ottawa who had just been let down by a really terrible dude, and now it is five years later and I live in a different city with my super awesome fiancé (who also happens to be my grade 10 crush). So this seems like a good time to say… so long and thanks for all the fish? 

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Teensy Weensy Black Bean Burgers

I’m back to blogging! And I made some teensy weensy black bean burgers!

veggie burgers

Ok. I feel awkward. I realize that the last time I posted it was uh, February. And now it’s nearly July and I need to explain my total silence the past four months. Let’s see. I guess the main cause was that I changed jobs. Aaaand then I got engaged!

I know, right? So when I say I’ve been busy the past few months, I mean it! But I’ve really missed posting here, so this is my apology post and my…

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Exactly what I look like sleeping. 

Exactly what I look like sleeping. 

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I want your Monday morning
sleep soaked eyes
dream drenched voice,
lazy bones
‘five more minutes please babe.’

I want your Tuesday afternoon
coffee break,
glasses off, laughter on
‘just hold me for a while
it’s been a hard day.’

I want your Wednesday evening
fingers through hair
teeth nibbling nails
neck craning, eye glazing
‘this paperwork never ends’

I want your Thursday night
drinks for two
bones unbind
muscles let loose
flats, slacks,
‘just me and you’

I want your finally Friday
stretch soul smile,
sun sipping light
from the glaciers in your eyes
fingers unfurl, hand extends
‘c’mon babe, lets go wild’

I want your weekend.
your movie marathon Saturday
reading by the fireplace
kissing in the blankets
want your Sunday morning
orange juice and pancakes
white sheets, tender skin
hair like the Fourth of July
‘let’s not get out of bed today.’

I want your ordinary
and your stress, rest, release
I want your bad day and that terrible night
I want you drunk in my arms
forgetting the place but never my name
I want your lazy and your lonely
and your fist full of fight
I want you everyday
in every way
for the rest of my life.

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You are not clingy, or needy, or silly for having needs for affection and affirmation and attention within a romantic relationship. Those needs aren’t an embarrassing outgrowth of your low-self esteem or depression or whatever messy emotional issues you may have going on, that’s just basic shit that people need from each other. We of course should not make our partners responsible for meeting all of our emotional needs – it’s not someone’s else’s job to make you happy. But inside a healthy relationship, being able to show affection, pay attention, and demonstrate “you are amazing and important to me” is a pleasure, not some task or burden.
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picture HD

Tres Elegante


Tres Elegante

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Someone holds you for the first time in a long time and you are bound to think it is true love. The thing that it takes years to learn is that isn’t anything close to love. Love happens when they aren’t holding you.

It happens when they are washing dishes while whistling pop songs, or chewing on the end of a pen doing the crossword, or falling asleep in a chair reading a book. It is stories told in the dark, at 3am with your eyes closed. It is hating the way they say your name when you are fighting, how they tell you everything can be fixed when you are convinced it can’t.

Love is what happens when you aren’t touching but your heart still swells for them like a wave in a storm. Love is what happens during all the moments you blink.

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Liz Lemon prioritizes

My favourite episode of any tv show ever. 

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